How to use manual gift cards?

Use it to send a reward, refund or just distribute it to run a marketing campaign

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Last Update 3 years ago

Go to Manual giftcards Tab in navigation

Click on Issue Giftcard button

You'll see a popup with fields before you can send the gift card

Steps to send Gift card

1. Make sure you have the correctly setup manual gift card email

This is the default template. We want you to get creative and make something awesome then thisĀ šŸ˜œ

2. Search for customer

When you clicked on any customer profile, all the previous gift cards send to them are shown below.

3. Type your email subject

use the variable {{customer_name}} to use customer name in heading

4. Type your email body

5. Enter Gift card value you want to send

6. If you want your giftcard to expire uncheck "Never Expire" and select the expiration time from dropdown

7. You can select the reason behind giving this gift card

8. Type the note for internal useĀ 

9. That's it hit send and your giftcard is sent to your customer

We're soon adding Bulk gift card sending feature so that you can send 1000's of giftcard in one click!!

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