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What are Merge tags and how do i use them?

Neil Alvares

Last Update 3 years ago

Merge tags are placeholders in your email templates that are replaced with the customers' information when the mail is sent. This way you can send customized emails to every customer.

Our email editor comes with 5 merge tags out of the box. A merge tag is identified by a keyword enclosed in {{ }}.

Let's look at what each tag represents.

1. Reward Name: This tag shows what type of reward have you received. It could be some number of points or a particular discount coupon. You can use this tag to let the customers know what reward have they got. 

2. Reward Code: This tag is used to display the discount code to be applied on checkout. 

3. Reward Action: This tag shows why did you receive this reward. It could be signing up, placing an order, a birthday or a successful referral. 

4. Friend Name: This tag is used to show your advocate customers which friend used their referral code.

5. Shop Name: This tag is used to show your store name.

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